Wii Technologies- First ever made in Nigeria power bank

Wii power bank ? made in Nigeria ? i’m really happy bringing this news to you guys, about a month ago i read about the first ever Andriod phone made in Africa from Rwanda called Mara.

This time around, the good news is coming from Nigeria, isn’t that awesome? Nigeria is really embracing the techology trends with sucess stories from inventions like Rubies bank and piggyvest.

So somehow a group of company called Wii Technologies from Akure, Ondo state built a 20,000 mAh power bank which is said to be very efficient and stay true to the 20k mAh which it is rated.

The power bank has 3 ports charging alone, iphone charger input, andriod charger input and even samsung charger input.

with this you won’t have buy any charger to charge this monster and surprisingly enough you can use 2 charger to charge it at the same time, this way it charges faster, isn’t that great? i can’t wait to see phones with such feature. lol.

Below is a video of it.

Below is the picture of the power bank, it comes many colors so choose your choice, it’s time will start buying Nigerian products to grow Nigeria.

Don’t even think of buying those foreign power banks again, at least with this, Donald will stop calling Nigeria a shit hole country.

As at the time of writing this article, i couldn’t navigate their official site so you can follow them on twitter for noe (hey they don’t bite, follow them).

Let’s give them all the support they need guys.

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