How to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

People find it hard to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus, I also faced the same challenge before I fully understand how it works.

Before we get deep into how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus, let’s first talk about the referral commission and how it works.

Piggyvest referral bonus is very juicy, 1k per each person referred is really a good deal, one more good thing to it is that the person you referred also get 1k too, isn’t that awesome?

For example if you have 100 friends and you’re able to convince 20 out of the hundred to use piggyvest for their savings then you make 20k easily when they are singed, now to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus, you be dully registered and provide the necessary information to qualify you to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus.

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If you’re just hearing about piggyvest for the first time and you are not sure if it’s really secure for you, I will advise you read this honest piggyvest review so you can be sure your money is secure with piggyvest.

We hardly make positive review about products here on slooreviews, we can only recommend products or services we can bet our life on. Now let’s assume you have a piggyvest account and have a referral bonus in it that you want to withdraw to your bank account.

On the other hand you can register for piggyvest account now and start saving up for the future, while you’re saving, do not forget to tell your friends about the awesome service so you can both get 1k each when they finished their registration.

You can create your piggyvest account using my referral link, if you do, we’ll both get 1k, but if you don’t we won’t get a dime (lol…the ball is in your court my friend).

I believe you have piggyvest referral bonuses that you want to withdraw at this point, if yes then take note of the following procedures.

Steps to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Step 1: Navigate your way to piggyvest website or app and enter your correct login details to login.

how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Step 2: Click on “Flex Naira” account.

how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Step 3: It will show “No flex account number!” and display a short message underneath that which reads “You have no BVN connected to your piggyvest account. Please add your BVN to your flex account number”

Below is a screenshot of how it looks.

How to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Below it is a button that says “Get Account Number” below is a screenshot to illustrate that.

How to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Step 4: Click on the “Get Account Number” button , a page will come up asking you to securely connect your BVN, bellow is a screenshot of how it looks.

How to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Step 5: Click on the button asking you to securely connect your BVN and a new page will come up asking you to enter your BVN, you don’t have to fear anything, enter your BVN and proceed to get your Flex account number.

Once you have your flex account number you can withdraw piggyvest referral bonus easily.

Another issue most people face is that piggyvest don’t release their referral bonus on time, to make piggyvest release your referral bonus for withdrawal, your referral must have created  Flex account using the steps explained up there and fund the account with at least NGN 100 (100 Naira).

If any of your referral failed to add their BVN to enable them create Flex account, you will see notification in your email box after 10 days, the email will tell you why piggyvest is unable to release the referral fund for you, below is a screenshot the email they send.

how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus

Don’t forget to read this honest review about piggyvest and create piggyvest account today to save towards the new 2020!!!

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37 responses to “How to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Please I have been hearing of this Piggyvest. Is it really legit? Because there are lot of scamming sites out there…

  2. […] to withdraw your piggyvest referral bonus you have to be fully registered, you can read up on how to withdraw piggyvest referral bonus so you can be able to withdraw yours […]

  3. Aminu says:

    How with draw piggyvast bunus to your wallet account

  4. Piggyvest is still owning me N8,000

  5. Chris says:

    How does Piggyvest owe you. Please enlighten us.

    I use them and I have never had any issues with them

  6. Snow says:

    So does it mean that if the referrals don’t register with their BVN then the bonus is as good as useless

  7. Shittu Omotoke says:

    My referral bonus will be up to how much before I can withdraw it.

  8. Basil says:

    I have credited mine flex wallet how can get my 1000 naira

  9. Daniel says:

    Please you said withdraw easily
    Its not easy o
    Don’t know how to transfer from my flex naira to the flex wallet
    Can’t seem to figure OK where I would have to tap to fund the flex wallet
    Plus it says my account has been flagged
    Help please

  10. Bushrah says:

    Please how can I put money in my piggy flex account

  11. Nwosu Chukwuma Ibeakwadalam says:

    I referred nine people and piggyvest put my 9000 for referring in safelock.

    I thought I should have access to my referral bonus.

  12. Samuel says:

    How will I get back my referral bonus money if mistakenly remove or deleted

  13. Samuel says:

    Pls how will I get back my referral bonus money if mistakenly remove or deleted

  14. Please, I have deposited 100 naira into the flex account and also have connect my bvn to it, how come I was unable to redeem my own refer bonus and again they told incomplete setup, complete 1 out of the two set up so am confused put me through

  15. Mucho Gusto says:

    I have input bvn verification code many times… but tell me it not correct

  16. Freddy says:

    Can I withdraw all my money in piggyvest…or I must leave a certain amount

  17. Atoba Akeeb says:

    What does my referral needs to do before I can access the referral bonus?

  18. Abdulrasak says:

    How will I credit my flex nails account

  19. Abdulrasak says:

    How will I credit my flex naira account

  20. KEMISOLA says:

    I still have issue I can’t redeem my referral bonus …..ND I have like 1100 in my flex acct plus I have #500 in my piggy bank….but each time I redeem my safelock e do tell me to complete d second steps like dat…wat can I do

  21. Am Abiola,I have paid into my flex acct and also registered finished but still I can redeem my my bonus.telling me to incomplete setup,use 0 out of 2.

  22. Michael says:

    Is it completely that my referrals should put money in there piggy wallet before I can redeem mine..

  23. Is it not possible to withdraw from total savings? if yes how?

  24. Hyelda Haggai says:

    Sir/ Madam I’ve added my BVN deposited #100 to my flex account. What’s the next step sir/madam in other to withdraw my referral cash?

  25. Salihu muhammad says:

    Please is the refering promo till date because i am new here?

  26. Please is piggyvest offering promo till date because i am new here.
    Thank you

  27. Bonski Anan says:

    Yes ..I try it and works.
    Successful withdraw

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