OwuPress Review: Write and share knowledge to earn

Wondering what is owupress? Yeah I also wondered when I first came across that name on Facebook or twitter. this a good owupress review, so read along.

I’m a very inquisitive and curious being so I had to head on straight to the site to be sure what they do and how many friends can benefit from it.

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Back to owupress, this platform is similar to the opera news hub were you can create content and get paid for it.

Unlike the Opera news hub, owupress has far less audience, no browser and no dedicated news app.

Owupress is originated and founded by Nigerian; I haven’t withdrawn any earnings from this platform yet.

But I’m happy a good platform like this is coming from Nigeria unlike those bunches of share and earn platform like giftalworld, rolexkash, tap2earn ,and nairalovers,


The answer to this question is simple; simply write and post unique and stunning articles, stories and news to OwuPress. Copy and share the links of these articles, stories, news on popular social media websites, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc   to generate views. The more unique views your article gets the more money you earn.

Unlike Opera News Hub or UC-We-Media, OwuPress are specific about how much you can earn.

For a thousand views you get $5, mind you, the views must be organic so don’t even try some click bait or bot clicking software as this will be easily debunk.

Another way to earn to from the OwuPress platform is through their referral program.

Below is the breakdown of OwuPress referral program

Referral scheme

Earn money by referring people to owupress. You get paid 20% of what your referral earns. So take for example you refer A and A gets $50 OwuPress will pay you 20% of what  A earns, so you will get $10 bonus.. Refer 20 people and if each earns $50 you will get a bonus of $200 free.

Sounds great right? I will say “yes” if you ask me because it’s easy to refer people to such good program.

All you have to is to search some articles on Google and message some upcoming bloggers and discuss it with them, this way, you can earn $400 easily in a month.

Hey I’m not this will be easy as ABC but all you have to do is on your phone with the aid of internet connection.

Practicing the method above will turn you to work from home individual and it will also give you more time to spend with your family or on any course.

How to refer on OwuPress

Your referral link in located in your admin panel of your account. Copy it and share it with your friends. All links are tracked and you will see a notification on your account dashboard so you can track all your referrals.

After reading all those stories I’m pretty sure you will have some questions on your mind as regard to how to earn and scope of operation of OwuPress.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers to them.


FAQs on owupress

How do I Join OwuPress

how to join OwuPress

Click on the “Register” button on the top right hand corner of the website, complete the form and activate your account.   

How much do I get paid?

At present, articles/stories posted on OwuPress.com earn $5 for every 1,000 views generated in the first 30 days of publication. Only approved and published articles are eligible for payout.

When will I be paid?

when will i get paid from OwuPress

You will be paid once your accrued payments have reached the minimum payout threshold. You can withdraw your payments from your account dashboard. Payment method on OwuPress includes PayPal, you can learn how to open and run a PayPal from Nigeria today.

What can I write about?

Write on topics that attract audience, such as Film, TV, Wrestling, Gaming, Comics, unsolved, mysteries, misconceptions, and hidden knowledge, such as things most people don’t know about.

You are welcomed to write on any topic provided it does not incite violence, terror and or hatred.      

You are also encouraged to write on general knowledge, astonishing general knowledge about anything—science, geography, lifestyle, culture,

All articles are human edited and they undergo strict copyscape checks to ensure articles posted on  OwuPress are not  plagiarized . 

OwuPress is always open to new ideas, so if you’ve got your own ideas we’re always willing to hear them.

How do I create content?

content suiatble on owupress

Once you’re registered on the site you’ll be able to create articles and post them for their editorial team to review them for publication. Please note that submissions are not a guarantee of publication.

How frequently can I contribute?

how frequently can i create content

As often as you like, although getting content approved for publication is at the discretion of their editorial team. If you’re not deemed to be a good fit for the site, they will review your content creation privileges.

When does my work get published?

when does my works get published on owupress

Once you’ve submitted your finished article, it’ll be passed onto the appropriate member of the editorial team who’ll check that it’s in line with OwuPress existing style and standard of publishing and also passes the copyscape checks . Once it’s ready, it’ll be published at the soonest appropriate opportunity.

My submission was rejected, what gives?

my submission was rejected on owupress

Their editorial team is committed to publishing the best possible content and, occasionally, they’ll have to reject articles they feel did not meet the standard of  stories that  their audience is interested in or not up to a standard they could consider publishing. If your content is not published within 28 days of submission, it will not be published.

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  1. Ian says:

    OwuPress is not founded by a Nigeria. It is founded by Ian bailey a UK based Media consultant

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